Learn About Us

What is our goal in the long run?

Operation Impact Liberia is the funds development arm of The Development Brokers, a non-governmental organization based in Montserrado County, Liberia. We believe communities are at the helm of overcoming the challenges of hunger and poverty. Through an empowerment service model, we make long-term investments in the most vulnerable and under-served communities so they can fulfil their own goals and become more resilient and prosperous. The top development priorities are 1. increase citizen engagement, 2. build self-reliance, and 3. improve sustainability and resilience. We are accountable to the vision and the priorities of the communities where we work and put the people most affected in the lead.

OIL funds various projects for women and children in Liberia.

Mission Statement

Operation Impact Liberia (OIL) is a nonprofit organization that serves to develop and fund long term sustainable humanitarian and development projects in Liberia, West Africa.

Vision Statement

Operation Impact Liberia (OIL) will inspire transformational leadership and economic empowerment through the funding of training, education, adolescent and youth empowerment, food security, water, and sanitation projects across fifteen counties.

The Need

Liberia, Africa’s oldest Republic, has faced significant economic and health issues in the post-civil war era. A broken national infrastructure has left major systems functioning at a dismal level resulting in a significant percentage of the population living in extreme poverty. The health and education systems have suffered and are ill-equipped to support the needs of the citizenry. Most rural and sub-urban areas lack health facilities and hospitals leaving citizens without basic health resources for preventive and ongoing care. The lack of potable water remains a major issue and poses dire health risks such as a strong prevalence of water-borne diseases. The lack of sewage services and clean drinking water results in a seasonal outbreak of cholera. A broken education system has left a generation of Liberia’s children at a disadvantage without the proper learning tools and resources to gain the knowledge needed to improve their lives.